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This year Potash Farm in Tring have won a great taste award for their superb free-range bronze turkeys and, having had one or two ourselves over the last few years, we reckon they are hard to beat! Here's why:
The turkeys are free to roam around an apple orchard and large field by day, sleeping in a straw-bedded barn at night.
The feed for the turkeys is mostly grown and milled on the farm so Caroline and Jonathan know exactly what they are being fed to keep them in tip top condition.

They are reared on the farm from day-old poults which arrive on the farm at the end of June and are allowed to grow over several months, giving a very succulent and tasty turkey for your Christmas table.
The birds are then prepared and plucked in early December on the farm before being hung for up to 14 days to allow the meat to mature.
We think this gives the birds a fantastic flavour, and will give all our customers a wonderful centrepiece for Christmas day.

Each bird comes in its own box, with fresh herbs too.

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Prices start from £62.33 for a 4-4.5kg bird.

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